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Known primarily as a performer and musician, Georgie isn't too shabby behind the mixing desk. With a homegrown studio getting larger every year, Georgie is able to create her own music, does demos for other musicians and live recordings for various local projects. After intensive study at internationally recognised School of Audio Engineering in Sydney, many projects have come to fruition. This includes multiple acoustic folk singles and EP's, a classical piano album, a podcast series, live audio for a Frankie's Noodles promo video and most recently live audio engineering for Newcastle East's Killah Whale Sessions, recording musicians such as Kim Churchill, Gambirra and Adam Miller. Below are examples and more info about her works. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you're wanting some demos done.

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Past Work: Frankies House Band Live

Recorded at Frankies Dumplings & Noodles, Carrington

Please see this short promotion clip for Frankies Noodle Bar in Carrington where Georgie recorded two x 45 min live sets for the band and for the restaurant to pair with video footage for promotional purposes.

p.s the shallot pancakes are exceptional :)

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Featured Works

Piano From Gresford Album Cover.png

Piano From Gresford

March 2022

This classical piano album was composed, recorded and mixed by Georgie Winchester in her home studio. Performed live as a part of a theatre performance called Piano From Gresford at the 2022 Newcastle Fringe Festival in collaboration with young creative writer Angus Sharpe and a team of 9 people.

friends with ghost stories copy 2.png

Friends With Ghost Stories Podcast

November 2021

This podcast was produced and mixed by Georgie Winchester in her home studio throughout lockdown. The podcast has eight episodes, each with a special guest speaker who expresses their individual experiences with paranormal activity and spirituality which explore themes of afterlife, ghosts, religion, death, portals and a whole range of beliefs on the topic. Often a taboo or a joke subject although, once tongues get talking, let's just say we leave wondering more about the world we live in than ever before. Each week the podcast features a different local musician to help promote and support their work within the industry. Stay tuned at the end of each podcast episode for the artist feature.

Single Art.png

Calling It A Day

November 2021

This single was written, produced and mixed by Georgie Winchester; mastered by SAE graduate Sean Cook. Released under the name of Georgie Winchester, it's her latest release.

Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 3.36.32 pm.png

Golden Times EP

November 2020

This EP was recorded in Georgie's home studio and mixed/mastered by SAE graduate Henry Watkins in Malaysia. It was her first release under the name of Georgie Winchester.


Bird Crocodile Girl EP

November 2021

Bird Crocodile Girl EP was recorded and mixed by Georgie Winchester in her home studio using Ableton. Released in November 2021. The EP can be found under the name of Ambient Psychoworld on all streaming platforms. Best listened to when tripping balls.

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Please see a bunch of videos for Georgie Winchester's YouTube page where the audio has been recorded and mixed by Georgie in her home studio and added to the visuals to enhance the respective YouTuber's experience.

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