• Georgie Winchester

My Influences

My genre influence at the time of writing Golden Times was FOR SURE Australian indie surf rock; specifically: Thelma Plumb, Megan Core, Skeggs, Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley, Kooks Hill Band, Mako Road, Lime Cordial, and for 2021 I’m making a conscious effort to listen to more female artists! This is the part when I mention that I have made a 'Women of Newcastle' playlist for all the lovely women who rock the world of music in Newcastle - please follow and support these wonderful women!

More influences: At the moment I am working on some Ambient Psychoworld music and Ta’Sia (Newy artist) has been a big influence there. With her creative and out of the box ideas. When I first started gigging Megan Core (Newy Artist) was my biggest influence as I wanted to gig as much as she did. Now I really love Paris Grace for her honesty/vocals, Lili Crane for her marketing/collabs, Kingsley James for his passion, Dave The Band for their coolness lol, Cormac Grant for his chord progressions, Manu Rohrl for his motivation, Aaron White for his kindness/positivity and so many more local legends. I loveeee Newcastle music/people as you can tell.

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