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Golden Times: Writing & Production

Golden Times About

When I wrote this song, I was in a good place mentally and physically, I had moved to Newcastle, I finally picked up surfing and I started getting some gigs around Newcastle. Music is what I want to do in my life right now as it brings people together, it brings me together, and it is magical in the sense that it can evoke so much emotion and change any mood in an instant; and even with hours of research on this concept, humankind still do not know why or how music is so powerful? When I wrote Golden Times I was happy things were working out for me. I was surfing a lot and meeting lots of new people through that. I love making new friends because of the fresh conversations, different perspectives and new memories we can make together. I believe everyone can teach me something new, or inspire me - and hopefully I can inspire them too. I was getting sunburnt, I had a constant neck tan line, tap nose and sand everywhere in my house; some of these words and ideas are featured in the song.

Through surfing I’ve realised I can’t force the wave to do what I want, even though I’ve tried, the best way for me is to go with the wave and that’s the moment I’ll catch it. For me, loosing control of my life and feeling unstable is when I get most anxious. When I’m surfing, I am forced to loose total control, as the ocean is just too powerful, and the more I fight it, the more I drown. Although I get really anxious when I’m surfing, I get through it each time, and it gets easier and easier to face my anxiety of loosing control and being unstable.

Another idea I wanted to illustrate through Golden Times was the ability to slow down, take my time and not to rush. In my era, sometimes I feel as though everything goes 100 miles per 24hrs, 8 days a week. With the fast progression of technology, there is the constant pressure (from myself) to keep up with the times. None of that exists when I’m out on the ocean, and one may escape that realm and fall into the arms of nature. She doesn’t care if you fall off the edge for a while.

Golden Times reminds me to appreciate the beautiful moments I get to spend with family, friends, on stage and in nature every day. Performing, writing with friends, going home to visit mum, dad and my sisters, collaborations, learning cool stuff at uni or watching a thunderstorm at night are all classified as my golden times. I hope you can find some inspiration from my words and challenge yourself to face your anxieties in order to grow and appreciate the beauty around us. What is your list of Golden Times?

Writing Stage

This song was written with my partner Ed Maddison! At the time Ed was teaching me how to surf and now I really love surfing, but I leave the big waves for him as I wouldn’t want to out-surf him, that’d be embarrassing (for him)! So we wrote a song about surfing together. Its theme is appreciation of the wonderful moments we get in life, and we both experience these a lot at dawn or dusk when the sun is setting over the ocean. It was a pretty good time for both of us and the fun times is reflected in the track.

Production Stage

When it came to recording, I recorded in my little beach shack on The Hill in Newcastle. Probably the cheapest rent in the most beautiful location, but I don’t call it a shack for no reason! But who cares, I’m young and wild and lucky and free right! I then sent the stems off to Henry Watkins at Studio 28 who did an amazing job. He mixed another track I featured in by Ambivalent Bodies and I loved the way he made me sound. Thank you Henry, you're a legend!

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