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Marketing Golden Times: Photoshoot & Music Video


So the photoshoot was soo much fun. We went to my friend’s farm and I told everyone to dress in pastel colours and bring weird props. I was just glad so many girls turned up for it as the drive was a long one out to Dungog! Thanks ladies! So I had brought some colourful makeup which we all just drew on each other, weird lines and patterns and stuff and then had props and stuff to add to the image. Cal my mate who just bought a camera, photographed us through sunset. It was a very quick shoot as we only had one golden hour. After that shoot we all went to a party in Newcastle I’m pretty sure. So grateful for all these lovely people to come and help me out - the photos are so interesting and catchy! I love them!

Music Video

Okay, now this is something that I am sooooooo pumped about. My Dad produced a movie called Bathing Franky a few years ago and the Director, Owen Elliot, contacted me at the end of 2020 offering to make a music video for me in New York. For free? Yeah - how mad is that right! Owen wrote a thing called a ‘treatment plan’ and I cried when I read it. We had a few actors audition, and in the end, Eloise Jo was the amazing actor in the clip. On the day of the shoot, I had to do the FaceTime part in my little shack and it was really fun. I’m probably the worst actor in the world but I think it turned out alright. I’m writing this before it’s actually released so lets wait with bated breath together :)

Marketing Mindset

If you’re close to me, you’ll know that I love marketing, creating interesting content and keeping up with the latest trends/technology. I have had two consults with people or groups who have approached me asking for help as they have seen some content I’ve been creating - so if you need help hit me up people! It’s been good so far, my brain hasn’t mashed up into a black vortex of internet aliens but I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. The latest platform I’ve approached is Tiktok and it’s by far the best and most user friendly platform out there and it’s too easy to make good videos. I’m thinking about expanding into twitter soon to capture a different user market - who knows what I might find over there?!

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