A fresh talent from Newcastle, Georgie Winchester has already developed her unique acoustic folk sound and style. Through her deep involvement in the Newcastle music scene, playing in multiple bands, producing and releasing her own music, founding Purple Top Records and working as an audio engineer, Winchester has found a community to flourish in. Follow this link to find her musical projects, gig guide, merch and contacts.



Turpentine Babychino is a Newcastle art rock band.



Purple Top Records is a small local platform founded by me, Georgie Winchester, and is a space to showcase my multidisciplinary art productions ranging from musical theatre performances to podcast shows - and whatever else I dream up in the meantime. Thanks to all the artistic friends I have made in Newcastle, each project has a tight knit team working behind the scenes to make each product possible. “People pay money to see others believe in themselves.” - Kim Gordon

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Purple Top Records and Newcastle Fringe Festival presents 'Piano From Gresford' - a cross multi-disciplinary performance incorporating symphonic music, story-telling and movement. The piece of music was written and produced by local musician and founder of Purple Top Records, Georgie Winchester, who has gathered only the most experienced and best young musicians in Newcastle to accompany her undulating piano composition.

In collaboration with young writer Angus Sharpe who is studying creative writing at the University of Newcastle, some of the most unique and poetic tales have been written and are narrated throughout the show creating an interdisciplinary edge to the performance. To tie the performance together, two local dancers Erinn Smith and Eloise Winchester from Oxygen AUS embellish the music and Sharpe’s stories onstage through use of costume, body movement, light and dance.

Distinguished director, actor, writer and producer Michael Winchester has offered to assist in direction and production of the show.


Purple Top Records presents 'Friends With Ghost Stories' podcast. Hosted by Georgie Winchester and produced in Newcastle NSW. The spooky series illustrates individual experiences with paranormal activity and spirituality which explore themes of afterlife, ghosts, science, religion, death, portals and a whole range of beliefs on the topic. Often a taboo or a joke subject although, once tongues get talking, let's just say we leave wondering more about the world we live in than ever before.

Season One with eight episodes is now live on Spotify - just search "Friends With Ghost Stories".